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envirometer Frequently Asked Questions

Why meter water?

For businesses: Water sub-metering provides the ability to accurately monitor water use in various areas of your business. Localised metering can be used for time of use monitoring, identifying leaks or inefficiencies in operational processes as well as providing valuable information in determining a more accurate “unit” cost of your product or service.

For facility managers/property managers: Ensures accurate and fair billing for tenants based on actual consumption instead of Unit Entitlement. Lower water and energy utility costs mean better returns for property owners. Rentals can reflect this lower overhead for landlords, providing a competitive advantage.

For consumers: Empowers consumers to directly control their own water/wastewater use and to tangibly see the benefits of changing their consumption behaviour as they are only charged for the actual quantity used.

For all: Meters are also an educational tool, raising awareness of, how much water is being used and what the cost involved is, motivating residents to modify their water consumption based on financial incentives and contributing to discourage water wastage.

Why use a remote access valve?

An integrated motorised valve enables the cost effective, remote isolation of the water supply to a property, at any time of the day or night, with no disruption to residents. This could be for debt management, safety reasons, leak monitoring, 24-hour emergency water isolation or simply for turning off the water supply to an empty apartment.

How long will the envirometer battery last?

With normal monthly readings and periodic checks the battery pack will last between five and six years. The PDA will keep track of battery life on each meter, so there will be no surprises of sudden flat battery packs.

How can I read data or activate valves if the internet is down?

If you are operating an online wireless metering system and there is an internet or power outage to the building, valves can still be opened (as well as readings taken) remotely within 200m of the meter by our PDA, which can be purchased as part of a system or separately. Alternatively, we have access to a 24-hour support service with a team of on-call, mobile technicians based in Wellington and Auckland who can take readings and activate valves via their own PDA equipment.

Can I invoice my own envirometer water data?

Yes, we provide a range of data access options so you can operate your envirometer and use your metering data as an independent utility manager, subject to any statutory or regional regulations. Please check with your local water authority to determine if they have any requirements regarding on-charging cold or hot water.

What warranty does the product come with?

The envirometer product range carries a 12 month parts and labour warranty from date of commissioning. Please refer to the User Manual for details.

What after sales support is there?

Wireless Metering NZ is affiliated with a building services maintenance company, Envirogroup Ltd, and a utility billing service provider, Easy Energy Ltd. Via these companies the envirometer is comprehensively supported by specialist, 24-hour monitored service providers located in the greater Wellington and Auckland regions.