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envirometer Resource Sustainability

Fresh potable water is one of our most important resources, more essential for life than energy. With increased industrialisation and water utilisation, fresh water is becoming one of the world’s most precious commodities.

While we are fortunate in New Zealand to have excellent sources of fresh water, increasing regional water shortages associated with low rainfall, population migration to city centres, and recurring issues with the health of our waterways mean we cannot be complacent. As a nation, we still need to better manage our water resources and be more sustainable in how they are used by both individuals and businesses.

Water authorities are already achieving significant savings with reduction in water main losses, building better storage facilities and utilising higher efficiency pumping and delivery systems. The next significant saving to be made is at the point of use and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through consumption metering, already a well recognised resource management tool.

Water metering is particularly effective in “Embedded Network” water supply systems, eg: rest homes, multi-level residential apartment buildings, food courts and other commercial tenancies where water and energy costs were previously recovered by Unit Entitlement or proportioned number of units instead of actual consumption.

Our own experience in supply and monitoring of hot and cold water meters within these types of embedded networks, has demonstrated that up to a 30% reduction in water consumption can be achieved by simply enabling water consumers to monitor their own consumption data and adopt small but significant behavioural changes.

At Wireless Metering NZ Ltd we offer a range of metering products and utility managing technologies unique to New Zealand, and can help you achieve these results with minimal business or residential disruption and cost. Based on our envirometer™ wireless (RF) water meter, our smart metering technology provides a two way data link between the meter and its owner, allowing not only metering data downloads but also remote isolation of the service provided.

We provide an environmentally sustainable solution with an attractive business case that more than justifies the expenditure.

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