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envirometer™ Who We Are


Wireless Metering NZ is a New Zealand owned and operated company formed to meet a growing need for a more specialised supplier of embedded network metering products. Our management team has a combined industry knowledge of over 100 years and has extensive experience in energy and water utilities management and maintenance.

We recognised that water, and the energy to heat water, was fast becoming one of the most significant operational costs faced by residential building and commercial facility managers; finding a smarter and more proactive way of managing these utilities for our customers was our priority. We wanted to be able to demonstrate that considerable savings can be achieved without significant effort or investment, simply by changing water and energy consumption behaviours.

Utility metering represents one of the simplest and most effective tools to manage valuable resources, achieve cost savings and reduce our environmental footprint. Unfortunately there has been the perception that utility monitoring systems are expensive to install, requiring specialist management and support. This does not need to be the case.

Having been at the forefront of remote access utility management systems in large buildings for over a decade, the Directors of Wireless Metering NZ have researched and extensively tested products that could meet the needs of embedded water networks clients in a more cost-effective way, without compromising on service quality and reliability. After almost a decade of metering product testing and trials in buildings managed by related companies, we now have a range of products and solutions that can be tailored to your individual requirements and are unparalleled in the field of residential and small commercial water metering technology


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