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envirometer Products and Solutions Overview

Wireless Metering NZ, in conjunction with our manufacturing and technical services partners, offers unique range of products and solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The envirometer product range includes hot and cold water, wireless multi-jet* volumetric meters, together with a range of 466.80MHz RF* AMR* network components. Our range includes both wet and dry dial* configurations to suit different environmental conditions – please contact our team for meters recommended in your region.

Our wireless network represents a considerably easier and more cost effective solution than hard wired metering configurations, especially in retrofit applications or where physical constraints limit access to meters for reading and/or connection and disconnection. Remote water isolation is a feature unique to our product in New Zealand. This is achieved with an integrated, remotely activated valve accessed via our portable hand held device (PDA)*, within 200m of the metering network, or via our secure cloud-based internet platform, anywhere in New Zealand. The valve is programmed to self-activate weekly to ensure smooth operation and prompt fault detection.

With our lightweight, rechargeable AMR PDA, meter readings are as easy as a stroll or drive within 200m of your meters with each PDA able to collect and store water data for to up to 1,000 meters. Once back at your PC, dock the PDA in its cradle and data will be downloaded to an Excel file for data management and billing purposes.

Also unique to Wireless Metering NZ Ltd is our optional cloud-based smart metering technology with two way data link between the meter and its network operator. Access is via a secure RF network with reliable communication ensured by a series of data collectors, data concentrators and routers (if required) installed within a network site. Data is logged and transmitted to a cloud-based internet platform for secure data storage and the integrated software provides data handling, customer invoicing and debtor management functionality.

As a new generation metering solution, envirometer wireless water meters are designed as a direct replacement for obsolete pulse and manual metering systems, reducing installation costs and minimising site installation time. With wireless technology, older unreliable network cabling is also redundant and network maintenance is reduced to one battery replacement every five to six years (our smart meter even monitors battery condition during data access).

For projects not requiring a wireless remote activated valve, the envirometer range includes a standard wireless water meter without a valve. These use the same PDA and/or the cloud-based website option as the integrated motorised valve model.



* Multi-jet meters are very accurate water meters commonly used for residential and smaller commercial applications. They have several ports surrounding an internal chamber to create multiple jets of water against the impeller and therefore maintain an even force distribution and a smoother impeller rotation. This ensures a greater measuring accuracy and a longer meter life span.

* 466.80MHz RF: the Radio Frequency used by the envirometer. This signal is particularly suited to data transfer with limited range communications within building structures.

* AMR: Automatic Meter Reading is where consumption and status data is automatically retrieved from our PDA* or cloud-based website for data management and/or billing.

* Wet dial water meters are used for applications where the meter is subject to varying ambient temperature and humidity (e.g. where a meter is installed outside a building but still protected from frost). Dry dial water meters should be used in applications where frost and/or poor quality are an issue.

* PDA: Personal Digital Assistant, a portable electronic device with diverse wireless functionalities. Our PDA is programmed for meter readings and data transfer, monitoring of meter status and valve operation.